full name elizabeth ruth plauche
birth date january 3, 1993
age 26 years old
occupation stylist/blogger
residence washington heights
Elizabeth Plauche wasn't a product of the fairytale ending of high school sweethearts that fell and stayed in love. In fact, her story was almost the complete opposite. She was a mistake, the product of a few too many shots of tequila at a college party. Her mother had no desire to raise a child, let alone go full term with a pregnancy but didn't want the stigma of an abortion either. So mom left and Elizabeth was raised by her father with the help of her grandparents in New Orleans, Louisiana. While growing up, her time with her father was scattered but he was still as present as he could be in her life. He was a pre-med student, but his true calling was music. Soon enough, he had dropped out of university to attempt a career as a traveling musician. She also spent a bulk of her life moving all over the country with him.

Growing up had eventually become accustomed to relocating every few years. While she wasn't completely antisocial, it was easier for her to not get too attached to people outside of her family as she knew her time with them was temporary. Not to mention, it was sometimes awkward for a young Elizabeth to explain the obvious physical difference between herself and her father's side of the family. Whenever she was in social settings, she did ask a lot of questions and take in as much as she could of the different areas and environments she was in. The one thing that she was never openly curious about was why her mother wasn't a part of her life. She made a promise to herself that one day she would actively find the other side of her family. That was something she had to keep to herself, and it wasn't that she didn't appreciate the loving family that she did have for her, but she knew that it was an uncomfortable situation for her father to discuss with her and she didn't want to open that wound for him again.

For junior high school, Bette forced herself to make connections with her classmates in Nashville, Tennessee with hopes that she would spend her whole four years in one place. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, but this time instead of severing connections she kept them and continued to talk to those friends she made through email and other forms of internet communication. Being used to having to move all the time, it wasn't as big of a struggle for her to adjust to her new school in New York, especially considering the fact that she was starting high school and ready to take on all the hurdles of new friendships in more than likely established groups. Through volunteer work during her sophomore and junior years, Bette had taken an interest in speech patterns and communication disorders and wanted to go to school to become a speech therapist. Soon enough she had applied to NYU and eventually found out she was accepted into their Communicative Sciences and Disorders program.

The best thing about moving Tarrytown was the commutable distance it was from the college she would be attending. Along with her father making it clear that this was their last move, her aunt who had played a major part in Bette's growth as a woman lived not too far away. She was more comfortable in traveling back and forth to school instead of living on campus and planned on taking full advantage of the time that she would now regularly have with her dad. It was nice knowing that they could really plant their roots and be a normal family. She started to come into her own the more comfortable she got knowing that she wasn't going to leave. Curious to explore things, she started mixing and mingling with locals of all ages, and taking up new interests for herself as well.

while in high school and still socially coming into her own, she started recording videos of herself talking about random things, as an exercise to help her public/social speaking skills. that turned into her youtube channel bettebettebette (vocalized as triple bette). what started as an outlet for her to chronicle her developing style and personal proects, her views and subscriptions began to gradually grow, and noticing the rise bette made a commitment to deliver new videos 3x a week; one with a focus on fashion/shopping hauls/collection reviews, one on her projects whether she was creating a costume for a convention or jewelry just because, and one on life updates and random musings that didn't fit into any of the other categories - really just an excuse to record what would typically be her internal monologue. it was doing those videos that helped her decide to change gears for a career in fashion styling, which prompted her transfer to the fashion institute of technology.

the commute from lower nys was draining, and as time had gone on she was fully coming to her own. over the summer she had reconnected with her birth mother and the side of her family she never got to know, and had acquired a few close friends that helped her through situations she was still not as familiar with due to her previous isolation. the next step was obvious, it was time for her to move out. after a year and change of commuting to and from school, she moved into the basement apartment of her mother's godmother in queens, creating a fresh start for life on her own.
nickname • bette, baby ruth
relationship status • single
orientation • free loving
parents • chase plauche & valeria cortez
siblings • kayla cortez (8)

• Prefers to be called Bette, and specifically spelled that way. It was a nickname given to her by her grandmother on mail and holiday/birthday cards. Outside of teachers/school administration who are first meeting her, she has been known to ignore people that call her anything else.

• While she was born in Louisiana, from ages five through fifteen she has lived in Virginia, California, and Tennessee before taking a semi-permanent residence in Tarrytown.

• Learned sign language starting in elementary school and stuck with it, that being one of the reasons she picked her college major. Bette is also semi-fluent in Dutch, French, German and Russian, self-taught through online learning devices.

• Met her biological mother in 2012 for the first time, as well as her half sister. ever since their weekend together she has remained in contact with them on an almost daily basis.

• At a young age she started making jewelry and small accessories from old clothes and various items she had collected over time, or purchased from thrift shops to be resold online. An increase in the interest of accessory production lead her to switch schools and her future career focus.

• Bette is a collector of current and vintage designer pieces. She started with shoes, handbags and sunglasses and graduated to dresses and other pieces she manages to find online and otherwise.

• Her father Chase is an accomplished touring and studio musician, having recorded and performed live with many jazz and R&B artists. in addition to his occasional studio work, he's currently the band guitarist and leader of the SNL band.

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